Where To Go In Borneo Malaysia?

Which part of Borneo is the best?

The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Borneo

  • Head deep in the rainforest at Danum Valley, Sabah.
  • The pride of Borneo: Mount Kinabalu, Sabah.
  • Borneo’ Survivor Island: Pulau Tiga, Sabah.
  • A sandy retreat to Sipadan Island, Sabah.
  • The most beautiful place in Borneo: Bohey Dulang, Sabah.

Is Borneo safe to visit?

Borneo in general is a safe destination with relatively low crime rates. Tourists should exercise the usual precautions – not walking alone at night, not leaving valuables such as cameras and smart phones on display, and using registered taxis.

Is it worth going to Borneo?

Borneo is an incredible place and I would urge anyone to visit – it’s not only home to some of the oldest rainforest and most impressive wildlife on the planet, in Malaysian Borneo you’ll find one of South East Asia’s highest mountains and some fascinating colonial and WW2 history.

Do people vacation in Borneo?

Borneo boasts beautiful islands and thriving cities, but most travelers are drawn here for its jungles and rare animals. I recently returned from an 11-day trip to some of the island’s rivers and jungles with the luxury travel company GeoEx.

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What is Borneo famous for?

Borneo is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, being home to an estimated 15,000 different plant species. Borneo is home to the Rafflesia Arnoldii flower; the largest flower in the world. Said flower is also known as the corpse flower as it is said to smell like rotting corpes.

How many days do you need in Borneo?

The ultimate Borneo itinerary would have to be at least two to three weeks long (or as long as you can stretch it out given time and money).

Do I need injections for Borneo?

For most short-term travellers the usual recommended vaccinations for Borneo include cover against the childhood diseases ( Tetanus and Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps and Rubella ), as well as cover against the food and water borne diseases of Typhoid and Hepatitis A.

Can you drink alcohol in Borneo?

Although Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, it is still legal to consume alcohol. Alcohol is more prevalent on the island of Borneo than it is on the mainland, however do be conservative with how much you drink. There are a few local drinks worth noting.

What should I avoid in Malaysia?

10 Things You Must NOT Do in Malaysia

  • #1 Insult the Local Food.
  • #2 Compare Malaysia with Singapore.
  • #3 Point with Your Forefinger.
  • #4 Trust the Traffic Lights.
  • #5 Use Taxis.
  • #6 Bring Up Race or Religion.
  • #7 Give Money to Beggars.
  • #8 Shake Hands with Members of the Opposite Sex. How to Shake Hands the Malaysian Way.
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How expensive is Borneo?

Borneo is one of the more expensive places to visit in South East Asia. But that’s not to say a holiday there still can’t be done on a budget. You can certainly do most things even by spending just US$40 a day, especially if you map out your adventures before you get there.

Are there tigers in Borneo?

Borneo and Sumatra are the only places on Earth where tigers, rhinos, orangutans, and elephants live together. The forests are home to marvelous creatures like the proboscis monkey, sun bear, clouded leopard, and flying fox bat, and endangered animals like the Sumatran tiger, Sumatran rhino, and Bornean elephant.

Does Borneo have nice beaches?

When wondering what to do in Borneo, most people will think first of the wildlife and nature. However, Borneo is home to some of the best beaches in Malaysia – if not, the best beaches in the far east. In the western state of Sarawak there is the rustic Permai Rainforest Resort with a wonderful private beach.

What language is spoken in Borneo?

What language do they speak in Borneo? Bahasa Malaysia is the official language spoken in the Sabah and Sarawak. Other widely spoken languages include Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow), Tamil and English.

Are there headhunters in Borneo?

The Kadazan-Dusun headhunters in Borneo followed a more spiritual approach. Heads were collected from invading enemies and offered as proof of victory. Kadazan-Dusun victims were almost always warriors. Some Kadazan-Dusun still protect the heads collected by their ancestors.

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Can you fly to Borneo?

Borneo flight facts Fly with British Airways to the Malaysian capital in just under 13 hours. From here fly on to Borneo with one of our partner airlines in under three hours. Land in Kota Kinabalu or Sarawak. You can also connect via Hong Kong or Singapore.

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