Where Is Cherating Beach Malaysia?

Is Cherating East Coast?

Cherating beach is located in Pahang, about 30km north of Kuantan in east coast Peninsular Malaysia. It’s among the most famous beach located in the east coast, just 3 hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur. It’s a laid back fishing village, with backpacker tourism blooming in popularity now.

How do I get from KL to Cherating?

There are no direct buses from KL to Cherating Beach, so you have to purchase an express bus ticket from TBS to the Kemaman Express Bus Terminal (Hentian Bas Ekspress Kemaman), which is about 15 minutes away from Cherating Beach. From this terminal, you can then catch a taxi or an e-hailing ride to Cherating.

How do you get to Cherating?

By Air. You can get to Kuantan by air from Kuala Lumpur and other major Malaysian cities. There are a few flights daily, operated by Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. From Kuantan airport you can take a taxi to Cherating or get a taxi to Kuantan bus station and then proceed to Cherating by local bus.

How many rooms does Club Med Cherating have?

Meetings & Events at Club Med Cherating Beach provide a unique corporate experience, with absolutely everything you need under one roof. Discover nature in our 80 hectares of preserved rainforest and stay in the world’s longest traditional Malaysian longhouse. Resort exclusivity available. 300 rooms in total.

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When can you surf in Cherating?

The best time to surf in Cherating is during the North-East Monsoon season from October to March. Even though the monsoon season usually drives away other visitors, you’ll find a good crowd of surfers both local and international during this season.

Is Kuantan a city?

Kuantan (Jawi: كوانتن) is a city and the state capital of Pahang, Malaysia. It is located near the mouth of the Kuantan River. Kuantan is the 18th largest city in Malaysia based on 2010 population, and the largest city in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

What is best at Cherating?

5 Things To Do In Cherating Malaysia

  • Relax By The Shore. While visiting Cherating, sitting back and relaxing at the beach is one of the major activities which one cannot miss.
  • Enjoy The River Cruise.
  • Indulge Into Activities At Pantai Balok.
  • Watch The Turtles Lay Eggs.
  • Explore The Beautiful Underwater World.

What does Club Med stand for?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Club Med /ˌklʌb ˈmed/ trademark a company that sells expensive holidays in many parts of the world, aimed especially at younger people. Its full name is ‘ Club Méditerranée’.

How much does Club Med cost?

Customers purchasing a Club Med product (stay only or stay with flight) must pay a membership fee. Adults & children of 16 years old and over, $60. Children under 16 years old, $30.

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