Question: What Is Jakim Malaysia?

What does JAKIM stand for?

Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Malay: Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia, Jawi alphabet: جابتن كماجوان اسلام مليسيا; ) or popularly known as JAKIM is a federal government agency in Malaysia that administers Islamic affairs in Malaysia.

What is the role of JAKIM?

JAKIM is responsible for Halal certification from the establishment of the Halal logo, monitoring and enforcement as well as ensuring that Halal guidelines and shariah principles are followed. Rezai, Mohamed and Shamsudin (2012a) reported that the consumers are more confident with the Halal logo provided by JAKIM.

When was JAKIM established?

The certificate is the Malaysia Halal Certificate, which is an official document stating the halal status of products and/ or services according to the Malaysia Halal Certification scheme issued by the competent authority. It aims to set the ground rules for food products or food businesses in Malaysia.

Why is halal important?

In draining the blood from the animal, the halal method ensures the purity of the meat that you eventually consume. It’s all about ensuring there are no impurities in the meat. As a result, incidences of food poisoning and other hygiene-related issues are much lower in halal meat than they are in other types of meat.

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Does halal mean no pork?

According to the Muslims in Dietetics and Nutrition, a member group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Halal food can never contain pork or pork products (that includes gelatin and shortenings), or any alcohol.

Why halal is important in Malaysia?

Although halal standards can be applied across all industries, halal awareness and observance have been the highest within the food and beverage industry, making compliance to be very important. Malaysia’s ‘Halal Certified’ stamp on a label is seen as a sign of trustworthiness indicating genuineness by Muslims.

What is function of halal?

It is critical to include halal certification because non-Muslim consumers compared with Muslims view it differently. To the non-Muslim consumer, food that is certified halal is tastier, hygienic, and safer. In the context of marketing determinant, food quality is proposed to have an influence on intention to purchase.

Is KFC in Malaysia Halal?

QSR Brands guarantees that all the products it manufactures and sells in Malaysia are Halal. The QSR Brands Shariah Advisory Council stringently oversees the whole chain of its halal food manufacturing processes to ensure Halal compliance with JAKIM’s Halal Certification requirements.

Is halal mandatory in Malaysia?

Malaysian Halal Certification is Mandatory for the applicants or manufacturers that meet JAKIM requirements: Ensure that there is a Halal food supplier certified by and approved Halal certificate. Apply for all type of products which are produced in the factory / premise.

Is everything halal in Malaysia?

The defination of Halal here in Malaysia may not be the same as in other countries. All fast food outlet are Halal but not all hotel are. The requirement to get certified as Halal in Malaysia is very strict, some hotels dont get it is because they do serve beers in the outlet.

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How much does it cost for halal certification in Malaysia?

He said the average application took six to 24 months to be vetted by an internal auditor. Companies which hire auditors that use QuikHalal can cut this down to a mere three months. It also cost between RM10,000 and RM30,000 to hire a consultant to do the audit.

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