Often asked: Where Is Maumere Indonesia?

Where is Flores island located?

Flores, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Nusa Tenggara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara) provinsi (province), Indonesia. The last major island in the chain, which extends eastward from Java, it is long and narrow, 5,500 square miles (14,250 square km) in area, and has numerous inlets and bays.

What is Flores famous?

Flores is famous for its diving. One of the best dive sites around the Komodo National Park is Manta Point. This dive site is in a channel between two islands. The fast flowing current is rich in nutrients, which is what attracts the manta rays and other marine life.

Is Flores a city?

Flores, city, northern Guatemala. It is located on San Andrés island in the southern part of Lake Petén Itzá, at an elevation of 449 feet (137 metres) above sea level.

How do you get from Flores Island to Portugal?

Getting to Flores The most convenient way to get to Flores is by plane. SATA has flights connecting the airport at Santa Cruz das Flores to Corvo, Terceira, Faial and São Miguel islands. If you’re traveling in summer, taking a ferry is another option to get to Flores.

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How do you get to Flores Indonesia?

By Air: The easiest and quickest way to get to Flores in Indonesia is to fly. Daily flights operate out of Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali and fly directly to Labuan Bajo (Far West) or Maumere (Far East). By Live’A’Board Boat: It is also possible to reach Flores by taking a 4 Day Live’ A’Board boat from Lombok.

What race is Flores r6?

Flores, on the other hand, is a master thief who hails from Argentina. An in-game report from one of his teammates also reveals that he’s a devoted husband. In general, I’d say he’s a good mate. A bit awkward, but he listens when others speak, which is more than I can say for a lot of people.

What is Indonesia known for?

Nowadays, Indonesia is famous for its diverse and multicultural islands, from deeply religious Aceh in the north; to the country’s center of government in Java; to the tropical paradise of Bali; and all the way down to the province of Papua on the border with independent Papua New Guinea.

Is Flores worth it r6?

So you may be wondering whether Flores worth purchasing? Absolutely! This attacker brings a new, fun mechanic to the battlefield and is something you really can’t miss out on. Whether you find yourself playing support or fragger, you can find ways to utilise Flores’ eqiupment to turn the tide of the fight.

Is there Komodo dragons in Bali?

Can you see Komodo Dragon in Bali? Yes and no. Komodo dragons originate from the Komodo National Park (hence the name) and therefore you cannot see Komodo dragons in Bali in the wild.

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Do humans live on Komodo island?

Komodo has a human population of over two thousand, spread out over the island and in the main Komodo village. The present day people of the island are descendants of former convicts who were exiled to Komodo and who have mixed with Bugis from Sulawesi.

Is Flores a Spanish last name?

Flores is a Spanish surname.

Is Flores masculine or feminine?

Also, these two generalizations involve nouns that end with a vowel, but the word “flor” ends with a consonant. And then, even though most nouns ending with “r” are masculine, “flor” is an exception.

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