Often asked: Where Is Ambon Indonesia?

Where is Ambon in Indonesia map?

This place is situated in Maluku Tengah, Maluku, Indonesia, its geographical coordinates are 3° 43′ 0″ South, 128° 12′ 0″ East and its original name (with diacritics) is Ambon.

Where is the island of Ambon?

Ambon, formerly Amboina or Amboyna, island and municipality of Maluku propinsi (or provinsi; province), Indonesia. It is one of the islands of the Moluccas (Maluku) group. Ambon island is located 7 miles (11 km) off the southwestern coast of the island of Ceram (Seram).

How do I get to Ambon?

Daily flights operate from Jakarta, Surabaya, and Makassar to Pattimura Internasional Airport in Ambon. Garuda Indonesia, Batikair, and Lion Air are the three big airlines operating flights to Ambon. Alternatively, you can take a pelni ship, which takes ages but is cheaper, to get to the island.

Is Ambon a city in Indonesia?

Ambon is the capital and largest city of the Indonesian province of Maluku. This city is also known as Ambon Manise, which means “beautiful” or “pretty” Ambon. It covers a land area of 298.61 km2, and had a population of 331,254 at the 2010 Census and 347,288 at the 2020 Census.

What is Ambon food?

One of the popular and authentic food souvenirs for tourists who visit Medan is Bika Ambon. Arguably, it is one of the most delicate cakes in terms of preparation and taste. The ingredients of Bika Ambon are tapioca or sago, wheat flour, sugar, coconut milk, and eggs and added bread yeast for fermentation.

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What means Ambon?

proper noun 1 A mountainous island in eastern Indonesia, one of the Molucca Islands. 1.1A port on the island of Ambon, the capital of the Molucca Islands; population 204,200 (est.

Is Ambon safe?

Stay safe [edit] Ambon has been wracked by ethnic and religious violence since 1999. While tensions between the main Muslim and Christian factions have been slowly waning, there were still scuffles in spring 2004 and caution is advised. In 2007 there were minor bomb blasts in March and April.

Who involved in amboyna massacre?

The Amboyna massacre was the 1623 torture and execution on Ambon Island (present-day Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia) of twenty-one men, including ten of whom were in the service of the English East India Company, and Japanese and Portuguese traders and a Portuguese man, by agents of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), on

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