Often asked: What Is Parut In Indonesia?

What is parut?

grater {noun} parut (also: kukur, parutan, kukuran) scar {noun} parut (also: bekas luka)

What is the meaning of singular in Indonesia?

Plural means more than one, while singular is singular which means one. In Indonesian, we have to learn plural or singular words in nouns.

What does Sultan mean in Indonesia?

noun. /ˈsaltən/ a ruler in certain Muslim countries. sultan.

What does minimum mean in Indonesian?

adjective. /ˈminiməm/ smallest or lowest (possible, obtained, recorded etc) paling rendah.

Is Sultan an English word?

sultan Add to list Share. Use the noun sultan when you talk about the king of a Muslim country. It’s most commonly used to refer to the sultans of Turkey’s Ottoman Empire. There are some countries today that still use the term sultan for a ruler or nobleman, including Oman and Malaysia.

What is sultan in English?

English Language Learners Definition of sultan: a king or ruler of a Muslim state or country. See the full definition for sultan in the English Language Learners Dictionary. sultan. noun.

What does Sultan mean in Russian?

sultan. /ˈsʌltən/ us. a ruler in some Muslim countries.

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