How Many Schoolies Go To Bali?

Is Bali good for Schoolies?

Your trip to Bali will only be made better by the famous Balinese hospitality and friendly people. has well established resorts in central Kuta, close to shop and restaurants. Booking with is easy and affordable, perfect if you’re looking to head to Bali on a budget.

What happens if you pull out of Schoolies?

Members of your group can cancel by logging into, using their booking number and password. If you do have someone drop out of your group, this means that those remaining roommates will have to pay more per person.

Can anyone go to Schoolies?

Can I Go to Schoolies if I Drop Out of School? YES! allow you to book your Schoolies with us as long as it is your graduating year even if you have dropped out. You can attend any events too.

Is schoolies worth it if your 17?

If you’re going to be 17 at Schoolies – don’t panic! It’s all good. has designed schoolies to be suited for school leavers that are both under and over the age of 18. So if you are going to be 17, don’t let that put you off going.

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What really happens at schoolies?

Schoolies marks the end of secondary school and new beginnings. For many young people it’s their first opportunity for a holiday with friends without supervision, and takes place as they are approaching legal drinking and driving age.

Do fake ids work at schoolies?

It’s illegal to use someone else’s ID or make a fake ID. If caught, you face being taken to court, your ID being confiscated and fined on the spot. if you use a friend’s ID you may be fined $400* on the spot. if you lend your ID to a friend you may be fined up to $667* and the ID may be confiscated on the spot.

How much money should you take to schoolies?

For trips like that, everything is already covered before you get there, however if you’re booking a basic trip with just accommodation, then allow at least $20 a day for food and drinks. The average amount of spending money that schoolies take is $40 to $70 per day.

Which week of schoolies is the best?

Your last day of exams is in November and your Schoolies celebration begins the next day, so we recommend you travel to Schoolies in Week 1.

What is there to do in schoolies?

Here are some top places that we think are an absolute must visit on your Bail Schoolies adventure: Dreamland Beach. Kuta Beach Nightlife. Nusa Lembogan Island.

Can you drink alcohol at schoolies?

Parents and friends who supply minors with alcohol for their schoolies week celebrations face significant fines of up to $9,424.00. The prohibition is on the “unsupervised consumption” of alcohol in a private place.

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Is Gold Coast schoolies safe?

The Gold Coast has been the popular choice for many Queensland schoolies since the 1970s. Every year the Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response is activated to enhance the safety of schoolies staying and partying in Surfers Paradise. The Safer Schoolies Gold Coast Response is for genuine 2021 Year 12 school leavers.

How do you convince parents to let you go to schoolies?

Here are some tips to convince your parents to say “yes” to schoolies.

  1. You can be safe AND have fun. At the same time.
  2. Give your folks as much information as they need.
  3. Let them know about the unique holidays on offer that will change their view of what schoolies week is all about.

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